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Art olle

A tour program which connects arts with Jeju’s nature, history and cultural contents. A touring program which involves visiting artists’ workshops and its natural and historical surroundings, and in turn sharing the cultural values encountered in these areas. It will be a scene with festivals, lectures and discussions where Jeju’s citizens, artists and tourists can participate.
- Enquiries : 064-710-4276,

Date Location Tour Guide Contents
24th Mar. Hwabuk Seok Yun Kim
Seung Soo Lee
Haesinsa, House of Seok Yun Kim, Seung Soo Lee's art studio, Mun Hee Huh's art studio and Goneul village, etc.
15th Apr. Daejeong Kyung Hoon Park Alddreu Airfield
20th May. Hallim Jin Sook Hong Jin Sook Hong's art studio, House of Hwang U-reok, HansupulH Heanyeo School, Tamla Sinhwa Park and Yo-bae Kang's art studio, etc.
17th Jun. Aewol Tae Hui Kim Won Jong Koh's art studio, Mi Kyung Yang&Yong Seong Jung's art studio, INI Gallery and Seong Oh Kim's art studio, etc.
15th Jul. Gujwa Kum-ok Park
Tae Hui Kim
Art Barn, Kimnyeong metalwork Art Village
19th Aug. Seogwipo-si Original Downtown Min Soo Oh Gidang Art Museum, Lee Jung Seob Museum, Lee Jung Seob Creative Studio, Sol-dongsan, Jaguri beach, Jeju Art Station
16th Sept. Andeok Tae Il Kim Biotopia, Podo Hotel, Bonte Museum, Alddreu Airfield
14th Oct. Hankyong Myeong Bok Lee Jeoji-ri Olle Street and Myeong Bok Lee's art studio, etc. (Free admission for Spirited garden)
21th Oct. Namwon Chung Eon Hyun Chung Eon Hyun and Min Soo Oh's art studio
11th Nov. Jocheon TBD Geomunoreum, Seonheul-ri volcano, Seok Hoon Oh, Yeon Sook Kim, and Hyun Kyung Nam's art studio, etc.
16th Nov. Udo Island Seong Eon Lee Seong Eon Lee's art studio, Udo Art Center and Woo Yong Pat Gallery, etc.
16th Dec. Seongsan TBD Kim Young Gap Gallery Dumoak, Yumin Art Nouveau Collection and Honinji, etc.


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