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Alddreu Airfield

During the Japanese colonial era, a military base had entered peaceful farmlands. Alddreu Airfield has been used as a Japanese military outpost in 1937 when the Sino-Japanese War broke out and Moseulpo residents had been drafted into the construction of this field. There is a memorial stone for the civilian massacre at Seodal oreum beside Alddreu Airfield. Artists installed works of reflection on history and place in the land of pain, where hangars and bunkers remain as traces of the military base. The residents had begun to farm again in between the hangars. Seasonal crops show power of farming and everyday life which can heal wounds of the war. The Alddreu Airfield where farming and arts coexist sends messages of peace to people who remember the lessons of history and lead a day.
Alddreu Project has been possible with the support of Jeju Free International City Development Center(JDC).

+ Exhibition Artist