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Ha, Seok-Hong + Han, Jaejoon Jeju International Airport

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Ha Seokhong has experimented and worked on creating stones that are not real but seem real. Through works made in this form, his work reflects the vitality that has radiated through Jeju's painful history. Jeju’s stones change shape and color, depending on light, wind and where it is placed. Han Jaejoon’s visualization of Arae-A('·') and hieut(‘ㅎ’) is made with stones, a material which is the beginning and future of civilization. An era of peace is embraced by reviving the sound Arae-A('·'), symbolic of the beginning of creation of all things.

  • Ha, Seok-Hong+Han, Jaejoon, Form of Heaven ‘•’(Area-A), 2017, mixed media, 260x260x240cm
  • Ha, Seok-Hong+Han, Jaejoon, Cheon-ji-in(Heaven, earth and man) 'ㅎ'(hieut), 2017, mixed media, 140x140x210cm