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IVAAIU_2 Alddreu Airfield

+ bio

IVAAIU tries to propose a new architecture form for 21 century based on architecture, urban engineering, sound and interaction. Compare to the past architecture which had pursued structure with strength, after contemporary digital revolution, IVAAIU has pursed that architecture need to be made up with structure with intelligence. IVAAIU has constructed building structure using module and interactive programme. Since 2016. They have conducted <I-V-A-A-I-U building> project and had done various architecture base urban planning projects like <Light Bridge> project in 2015, <Hanok XXI Seongbuk> project and <Architecture Tributed to Architecture> in 2015.

+ work

(Artist's Note) Hangars of Alddreu Airfield suppressed the freedom at the time of war. It was constructed in the form of a hill to prevent exposure, and an internal space was inserted as far as possible into the ground to minimize protrusion. It was made into a structure that perfectly hides its own function. <Emancipation Cubes> function as a monument of freedom; an opposite form from being an oppressive symbol. The synchrotron has been applied so that the existence of the hangar itself can be dragged out. The cubes are arranged at various levels to provide a space for free activities such as observation, rest, and discussion for the audience.

  • IVAAIU, Emancipation Cubes, 2017, Wooden Structure, Variable size