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Jeoung Jae Choul Jeju Museum of Art

Born 1959, Seoul; lives and works in Seoul, South Korea

+ bio

Jeoung has focused on materials feature especially materials from trees at the beginning of his career. Since 2004 he has proceeded "Silk Road project", a traveling project using only land route by walking from Seoul to London. He has tried to examine cultural diversity and hybrid culture with this project and utilised discarded banners from Korea. His work focuses on the process rather than outcome. Recently he has worked on "Blue ocean project" to solve rubbish problem at sea in artistic point of view.

+ work

<As-salamu alaykum> means "May God's peace be with you" in Arabic. The artist carried out The Silk Road Project, which looks into shifting and mixing of cultures, travelled from Seoul to London via land, and along the way he communicated with residents of each region. The work installed in the courtyard of the museum is like a travel essay where the traveller wishes to experience moving from one location to another. Here, visitors can experience stamping on postcards made by the artist, and rest under the tent that sways with the wind, write postcards and read greeting words of each country placed on the window. This work will provide you with experience where one can recall memories of travel that have been taken and look forward to future travel plans.

  • Jeoung Jae Choul, As-salamu alaykum, 2017, Mixed media, 1370x1370x450cm