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Yumi Park Jeju Museum of Art

+ bio

Yumi Park (born 1979, Korea) studied media art at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig in Germany and works with a variety of media. Her first solo exhibition Incidents (2009) was presented at the Art Space Pool in Seoul and showed the meaning of the incidents that are found in everyday life through a series of photos and videos. Since then, she has been fascinated with the ritual of contemporary society and culture and had her second solo exhibition Today, Also Today To The Zoo – Ritual (2010) at the Gallery Royal in Seoul. Park wants to give a new meaning to the ritual with her works and to be, as the artist herself comments, “an artist is someone who produces his own ritual.” In addition, she has continued with activity based on site-specific art from 2012 to 2014. She worked on the video My Pace (2013) while she was living in a small island in Incheon, in which the rituals of the artist and the community are displayed. 

+ work

‘Chance Maker’ was presented at 2015 Real DMZ Project. In the off-limits area for civilians in the DMZ is the DMZ Peace Cultural Square. In this desolate space there is a baseball batter. It is an area only wild animals can cross the South and North border and where exchanges are completely cut off but one person bats his ball powerfully as he could over the DMZ. Although there is no one there on the other side to catch the ball he continues this action towards the North.

  • Yumi Park, Chance Maker, 2015, Single channel video, 3 min.