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Dae-Hong Kim Jeju Museum of Art

+ bio

Dae-Hong Kim Dae-Hong Kim is an interdisciplinary artist who works with diverse media, such as video, sound, installation, painting, durational performance and etc. Most of his works inspired by very ordinary stuff, which are we always passing by in our daily life. Such as plastic bags, cars and some other daily objects. His pieces indirectly represent the tiny beings where we are forced to live in. Currently, he works in choreograph and robotic art.

+ work

Kim Daehong(Mt. Jiri Project)
Kim Daehong’s St. Simon Project focuses on one site of Jirisan Project. The site is Sungsimwon, located in San Chung of Kyungnam Province. Here, the artist stayed, lived and worked. The artist drove his car around Jirisan Mountain. His car seemed like being made of paper or like a character just popped out of a comic book. By driving a car which should be in a two-dimensional world amongst shining, sleek cars, it seems like one that is placed in a world that does not belong but has the desire to be part of the same world.

  • Dae-Hong Kim, St. Simon, 2014, HD single channel video, loop Dae-Hong Kim, St. Simon making, 2014, HD single channel video, 5’00”