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Kim Hyung Kyu Jeju Museum of Art

+ bio

Kim Hyung KYU This is an experimental work called ‘switching a subject and object’. It starts from an independent viewpoint rather than a human-centered viewpoint, generally used in the existing video works. ‘A new globalization_mapping ideas’ shows a scene of a day from the stone pagoda in Silsangsa Temple in Mt. Jirisan in Namwon, North Jeolla Province, in a 360-degree angle, and has a meaning that a day is a year in the concept of 365seconds.

+ work

Kim Hyungkyu(Mt. Jiri Project)
Kim Hyungkyu works with media where it searches for the boundary of modern society’s time and place. Here, the artist presents a one day documentary of Silsangsa Temple, where Namwon Silsangsa’s stone pagoda is viewed with 360 degrees viewpoint. This work shows one day in a time frame of 365 seconds, and 1 second is equivalent to one day. His past video works seek to avoid human orientated documenting. His works focus on objects and viewpoints from objects, and this is an experimentation of the ‘transfer of subject and object’.

  • Kim Hyung Kyu, New Cosmopolitan_SASANGHWA, 2015, 4KVIDEO, 365sec