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Jeoung Jae Choul Seogwipo-si Original Downtown

Born 1959, Seoul; lives and works in Seoul, South Korea

+ bio

Jeoung has focused on materials feature especially materials from trees at the beginning of his career. Since 2004 he has proceeded "Silk Road project", a traveling project using only land route by walking from Seoul to London. He has tried to examine cultural diversity and hybrid culture with this project and utilised discarded banners from Korea. His work focuses on the process rather than outcome. Recently he has worked on "Blue ocean project" to solve rubbish problem at sea in artistic point of view.

+ work

<As-salamu alaykum> means "May God's peace be with you" in Arabic and it was started from Jeoung's Silk Road project. Jeoung tried to look into cultural transformation and hybrid culture while traveling through land route from Seoul to London and communicating with residents of each regions. He shared discarded banner from Korea to one specific region and let them use those materials freely and examine how they use those materials. This project can be seens as cooperation with local residents and all the process includes collecting discarded banners, washing, packaging, delivering to local residents, usage of local residents, collecting and documenting and exhibition.

For this time, Jeoung using spatial features of Jeju museum of art's courtyard want audience to experience of being different place where they have never been. For this reason his project can be regarded as travel journal or essay. He also offers diverse activities with postcard which is made by him like stamp event, rest in tent while listening wind blowing, writing postcard and trying to read out greeting words written in various languages on the window. From this activities audience can recall each of their memories about traveling or it may lead the audience to a new types of travel.

  • Jeoung Jae Choul, As-salamu alaykum, 2017, Mixed media, 1370x1370x450cm