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Lee Wonho Jeju Museum of Art

Born 1972, Jeonju; lives and works in Seoul, South Kore

+ bio

Lee likes to present ideas about objects and space in daily life into totally different way by dismantling concepts related to objects and space around him. He wants to suggest alternatives to understand the other side of the world and uique attitudes towards objects in daily life through going against social system, norms and common sense. For Jeju biennale, Lee tries to buy land with small amount of money in Jeju and film all process of this project and at the end he plans to hand over the ownership of the land to local comunity.

+ work

The artist purchases a small plot of land with limited amount of money. The process of buying land is documented and how this land is made into a different value. The work has been made with the support of a real estate agent and through the process of buying land. Aspects that are considered when purchasing land are taken through a different approach, differently bought and utilized. Here, the artist throws the question to use on what the meaning and value of real estate is.

  • Lee Wonho, For those that are not being free, 2017, single channel video print, map, purchased land