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Justin Tyler Tate IAa

Born 1984, Halifax; works in Jeju

+ bio

Justin Tyler Tate was born in Canada, grew up in the United States and now works internationally. Receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts from NSCAD University and a Master of Fine Arts from Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts, his work combines elements of sculpture, installation, media, performance and social art. Tate’s work is concerned with ideas of space, function, interactivity and environment. In combining traditional methods of making, do-it-yourself approaches, research, experimentation as well as explorations of pedagogy, Tate is able to alter how space is perceived, interpreted and experienced.

+ work

<Primrose Promises: Jeju> presents an in depth exploration of the island through a survey of biological and geological entities (lava rock, plant clippings, found objects) which have been taken from 15 locations scattered around Jeju Island. Samples are transformed into bars of soap and alcoholic tinctures in order to create consumable, ephemeral, experiential, non-traditional art objects which communicate non-visual experiences. The culmination of this process of creating soaps, alcohol as well as mapping allows one to perceive the essence of Jeju through one’s secondary senses of smell, taste and touch. Perception of place becomes more than just the way it looks and sounds to an individual but becomes something that is able to permeate their body. By drinking, smelling and touching the chemical essence of Jeju Island's landscape, individuals allow themselves to be physically changed by that landscape.

  • Justin Tyler Tate, Primrose Promises: Jeju, 2017, Found objects, plant clippings, paper, sodium hydroxide, wood, sugar, yeast, water, variable size