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Jeonghee Churches IAa

Born 1964, Seoul; works in Seattle

+ bio

Jeonghee Churches is based in Seattle and now studying at Washington University taking culturology master course. She graduated from Sookmyung Women's university fine art. She has been an adjunct professor at La Sierra university ceramic department. Jeonghee Churches also has participated in various residency programme from Singapore Nanyang art university, Art centre at Washington, and Korea ceramic foundation, etc. She was also awarded many international awards.

+ work

(​Artist Statement)​
Clouds have been Watching people since time began.
The Clouds I met there in the scenery of Jeju has been etched in my memory. That memory has been a positive source of energy, a good friend to comfort and encourage me. This positive energy has become part of my culture and is always in my life like a shadow. While traveling, I try to create my own positive culture, a colorful culture, living in me like a shining shadow. Traveling endlessly keeps me motivated like a cloud’s movements and changes.
From ancient times, the pattern of clouds have been used to represent sacredness, abundance, the peace found in nature and transcendence. The meaning of clouds varies from simply sky, to the life of heaven, and a long life. In other words, the pattern of clouds symbolizes the power of the sky. In this pattern, we can also find arrogance as well as superstition. Also, it symbolizes the mystery of the sky. For me, it is most meaningful as a tool to travel between heaven and earth.
I want to express the charm I feel from traveling around Jeju by attaching this meaning of clouds and shadows to my work.

  • Jeonghee Churches, Where the clouds are, I stop my feet…, 2017, Fiber glass, Mixed materials, 61 cm x 31cm x 132cm (sculpture), 63cm x 112cm x 1cm(shadow on the floor)