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Jeong Kyop IAa

Bron 1972, Seoul; works in Seoul

+ bio

Jeong examines the essense of difficiency which will never be solved using objects of glass, water, fog, light and sound. He graduated from Ecole Superieure Des Arts Decoratifs and received public attention when his work participated in Strasbourg's glass Biennale and In-Sonora festival. Ever since he returned to his country in 2010, he continuously presented artwork at various cities including Seoul.

+ work

(Artist Statement)
Water flows according to gravity, and the incoming water flows according to the gravity of capital. Water market, which looks at a trillion won, does not stop with a straw in nature. Market share Jeju's water including Samdasoo of the first rank is depleted in pet bottles and distributed to the whole country.

Among them, "mixed drink" labeled "Jeju" in red letters is noticeable, and it seems to be selling clean images of island regardless of Jeju. It was perfect subject for my artwork. I had to buy beverages from Seogwipo at the main land and delievered to Jeju for the exhibition. I realised that water flows according to capital.

I had read JEJU as JESUS because of my dyslexia and habit of reading alphabets in French way. Pronunciation of those two words are the same, so it has been overlaped with signboard of red cross and red letters, 'JEJU' on a plastic bottle. The cross... for foreign tourists it could be a strange and creepy experience when they find red neon shining cross in Seoul. Those signs are clearly visible from a distance, so it was perfect for marketing, but the red neon shining cemetery may be a strange and creepy experience for foreigners or strangers.

Jeju is an island and a romantic tourist destination at the same time. However it was a place where massive massacre of 4.3 had occurred. Although people do not want to be in agony by finding traces of painful history of Jeju from where people escape from, I lay down bottles of water in a form of cross to mourn sacrifice of painful history of Jeju which had been occured due to capital. The 'water grave' will tell us that it is time for us to stop making crosses and there should be no more grave of sacrifice.

  • Jeong, Kyop, Jeju’s Jesus, 2017, bottled water, LED, variable size