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Kim, Choons IAa

Bron 1981, Seoul; works in Seoul

+ bio

My artwork based on the moment when utopia and the reality in my mind come into clash and I may feel irrationality and curiosity. Though examining those personal experience I do understand the world and want to think about a problem of living on. My current artwork can be seen as examinig emotion started from inside of myself and attitudes towards my whole life wihch is different from my previous work that is about examining outside of myself.

+ work

(Artist Statement)
In a sense that dazzling brightness and impenetrable darkness are the same because they cannot see anything in front. The dazzling brightness makes eyes blind, and complete darkness makes it impossible to know whether it is a road or a clif.
Personally, I thought a development landscape is an unnatural landscape that is made accourding to our needs. It changes deficiency to abundancy and makes people believe that efficient change is made to replace discomforts. This is another form of fantasy and our daily life is a construction of many of these fantasies. Fantasy can be regarded as luxurious but empty. It is a briliant shadow just like a hologram. Our world is one that is constructed with these shadows formed by fantasy lights.
Although complete darkness increases anxiety, a flash of light within the dark can be the only hope that offers a way to move on. Although we cannot see the future, we lead a life dreaming for a hopeful and bright one. That is why we feel more depressed and more anxious. Through this work I would like to provide a chance to think about the essense of the depressions and anxiety that we are experiencing.

  • Kim, Choons, Gloomy way, 2016, oil on canvas, 193.9X130.3cm
  • Kim, Choons, Animal’s night, 2016, oil on canvas, 104X194cm
  • Kim, Choons, Amuse park, 2017, oil on canvas, 112X193.9cm
  • Kim, Choons, Gateway, 2017, oil on canvas, 90.9X60.6cm