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Kang, Hyunah IAa

Born 1983, Icheon; works in Seoul

+ bio

Kang Hyunah lives and works in Seoul. She has studied visual design and environmental sculpture. She started her career with a solo exhibition called <Dansang> in 2012, which relates her personal experience and daily life. She has questioned herself about life and death and focused on energy when examining daily life. Thourgh various exhibitions, she has continued her career with a unique sense and language based on an idea of interesting experience.

+ work

(Artist Statement)
Jeju people ask, 'Did you come from the main land?' It could be unfamiliar but the question clearly designate where I am. I ask a taxi driver that 'Do you like living here in Jeju?' and he answered that 'Just live!' with a smile. Villages near the coast are full of peace. The only waterfall connected to the sea directly in Asia is always crowded with tourists. Caves show landscapes of volcanic island and open their mouths and blow out the air. Exotic street trees and emerald sea tell us that Jeju is a fantasy island. When I first visited Jeju, I feel like nothing will be happened except changeable weather of Jeju. However after knowing the 4·3 incident, the beautiful landscape and painful memory gets divided and confused me. For a long time, a person who survived buried in a dark and narrow cave could not tell the story of the event, Jungbang Waterfall a place of massacre, makes a loud noise day and night and pours the memory that can not be washed away with water. A novel, 'Uncle Seuni' comes to my mind suddenly from the residents of a village near Olle street who calls himself as uncle. I wait for the plane to the main land from funway of Jeju airport where numerous remains are excavated. "4 nights and 3 days" is a installation work tells the painful history at the back side of tourism.

  • Kang Hyunah, 4 nights and 3 days, 2017, tent, lantern, daily supplies, mat, etc., 770 x 825 x 340(h)cm