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Park, Jong-ho IAa

Born 1978, Gyeonggi Province; works in Seoul & Jeju

+ bio

Park Jongho was born in Gyeonggi province and got painting master degree from Sejong University. He has participated seven times in solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions. Park is based in Seoul and has continued his career in Jeju for a year.

+ work

Park Jong-ho's artwork deconstructs or reforms the stable and normal way of thinking in daily life through various formal experiments to concerns about existence which can be forgotten within the system of society. He seeks to find diverse ways to express the critical mind towards social issues and relationship between image and existence through visual language. This work depicts development fields and surroundings of Jeju seen through the eyes of non-residents.

  • Park Jong-ho, A Long Tour, 2017, Acrylic on Linen, wood frame, variable size