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Park Ju Ae Jeju Museum of Art

Born 1989, Jeju; lives and works in Jeju, South Korea

+ bio

Park Juae, born in Jeju, participated in a residency program in New York, where she had felt loneliness during her long journey. For her because she did not have people she loved close to her the world seemed rather grey to her. It is not the destination that is the most important in travel. It is something that is worthwhile when it is experienced with people you love. The artist had thought perhaps her visit to New York was a chance to spend time questioning about love rather than looking for art. Her work questions loneliness in an unfamiliar place and through her work the audience can imagine feelings one encounters at travel destinations.

+ work

On the next day when I got up, I realized that I am 13 hours behind from where I was yesterday. I can’t find where exactly I am. I went into an old apartment in Manhattan and sit on a white bed sheet after having small talk with a host of the house. I couldn’t sleep at all and stay up all night because of jet leg and I picked few pieces of fruit, coffee and bread and give dollars to store clerk. He said “Have a nice day” without any feeling and meaning and gave changes to me. I really wanted to have a nice day. It feels like I could be happy if I just walk along the street beside an art gallery where I wanted to visit desperately, but my desire scattered around just like steam arose from everywhere in New York Street.
I was really lonely and I couldn’t help myself from feeling lonely. Memories of my boyfriend who was whispering love, my friends who still has loads of things to talk, my mum who always worries about my future. I fiercely walked along the street.
I desperately want to have something new. Travel for me is more like a hunting to be inspired from everywhere just like a wild keen-scented dog. I was curious about this kind of loneliness. It seems like I could feel through every single sense of myself. While I was checking my Facebook wall, I found a terrible video. A cabin crew of United Air Lines violently forced a Chinese passenger off the plane. This news made myself more stranger here in New York. While I was watching the video, I felt that I might live in the world seemed to have lost the essence of the word, ‘love’ which can be considered quite compromising.
I think if we care about each other, it would not happen. I thought the world seems like grey rather than pink, because my love wasn’t with me. I don’t care where I go, I think I should go anywhere with my love together. I picked up my phone and called to friend and asked, “What do you think love is?”. She answered, “Are you all right?” and thought that was a really tuff question. I think I was there not to find the art, to ask myself of love. Is there a place in the world that full of love?

  • Park Ju Ae, LOVE LAND, 2017, Pencil drawing on fabric, installation