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Seon Young Park & Jinie Park IAa

Born 1987, Seoul; works in Seoul & Jeju

+ bio

Park Seon Young is a video and installation artist. She has been interested in well-known stories that have changed to strange and paradoxical stories because of misunderstanding and misinterpretation. Sometimes she intends to make something new with well-known stories with a twist.
Park Jinie makes feelings of trivial matters in daily life, individuals, objects and relationships and incorporaes them into paintings. She visualises any physical and psychological experiences into paper or screen with handcrafting techniques and traditional painting techniques.

+ work

Park Seon Young and Park Jinie is a temporary project team who explore Jeju's unique landscape through diverse experience and various ways. Seon Young, based on her experience as a florist in a hotel casino, is interested in artificial scenery created by floral decorations for Chinese tourists in casinos and reconstructs them with artificial flowers and vases which were once used in there. The artist's drawings of the landscape of Sara oruem, Mt. Halla, Sehwa beach and Udo island are a form of documentation and based on these, the physical, psychological experience and projected through, and tries to share with the audience the abstract emotions that were felt from the site. *Assist: (Florist) Hyesoo Park, Sponsorship: Maison de jee flower studio

  • Park Seon Young & Park Jinie, Flower tourism, 2017, artificial flower, spary paint, vase, variable size