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Lee Chun Fung IAa

Born 1984, Hong Kong; works in Hong Kong

+ bio

Lee Chun Fung is an artist and curator based in Hong Kong. He graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2007. He is the co-founder of WooferTen -a community/ art space located at Yau Ma Tei. He is interested in the relation between people and their community, as well as how do we deal with conflicts and differences. His artistic interests include art activism, urban space and autonomous self-organized practice. His practices cover different media and disciplines, ranging from art action, video, photography, zine publication etc.

+ work

(Artist Statement)
The Monument of Vanishing Shop is a video installation created as a response to the gentrification problem takes place in Asian cities. The video incorporates images of banner and advertisement of closing shops in the downtown of Hong Kong. These signs "declare" not only the last whisper of each independent local business, at the same time they work as a marketing strategy to promote and attract buyers. In the fleeting time of these shops, the monument hopes to document the daily/ non-daily facets of these shops, and suggests an eternal stage within an age of temporaries and uncertainties.

  • Lee Chun Fung, Monument of Vanishing Shop, 2017, video installation, variable size