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Kim, Tae-kyun IAa

Born 1975, Seoul; works in Seoul & Jeju

+ bio

Kim Tae-Kyun graduated from Stuttgart Staatliche Akademie Der Bildenden Kunste and has visualised various contemporary social discourse with an art language. Installation, sculpture, photo and video, etc. can be useful tools for expressing complicated and various social issues . He has been interested in problems of immigration and various historical episodes related to Korean peninsula and has tried to create art work with creative community within the society.

+ work

Jeju international airport is the first gate way to Jeju and at the same time an exit from mundane everyday life. However the hidden historical stories beneath the runway of jeju airport is not very well known. The location of Jeju international airport is where victims of Jeju 4.3 incident were slaughtered and buried in secret. The artist tries to show this important historical episode through his work. He resizes the airport into a shape that can be seen by the audience, and the runway pattern is carved onto the object. This deep carving action itself is a remainder of the incident in history. Also, the image underground is presented in the form of an archaeological excavation site. Here, lights and sound is installted. This work shows the past, present and future of Jeju together with the site's history.

  • Kim Tae-kyun, As above, so below, 2017, plywood, painting, led lights, beam projector, sound,
  • 320x230x45cm