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Kim Beom Jun IAa

Born 1985, Jeonju; works in Seoul & Jeju

+ bio

I deal with worries about my artwork and the critical mind into the form of game and play. I invite audiences to be part of these games that I create and expect them to be developed into a new mutual game.

+ work

Kim Beom Jun's artwork always starts from his personal experience. He has virtualised a system that connects keywords such as unclear boundary between subjective experience and objectivity, unreasonable rebellion and irony. His work <Bad money drives out good> is about labor from construction sites and traces of soil that has been transported from the labor from construction sites. He carried out a performance of digging the ground and preserved the site, and this process is shown through video and installation.

  • Kim Beom Jun, Bad money drives out good, 2017, wood, mesh, shovel, fluorescent pigment, variable size