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Jungho Oak Alddreu Airfield

+ bio

Jungho Oak has done performance-based photography and video work about daily wonders and distortions of Korean society and irony of reality. He expresses his interests as 'things around me and things in me'. He has held exhibitions at Commercial Art Gallery in 2017, Gallery Chosun in 2015, Osaka Contemporary Art and Sprits in 2014, Jeju Museum of Art in 2017, Art Space C, Seoul National Museum of Contemporary Art and Novosibirsk Municipal Museum of Art, Russia.

+ work

‘Stronghold’ is a structure that protects oneself from the enemy by concealing, shielding, and attacking the enemy at the same time. Oak Jungho changes the original patriotic color to colors of the rainbow. This action of changing color is a gesture of peace, as one reveals itself that there is no will to fight.

  • Oak Jungho, Rainbow Stronghold, 2017, Sandbag, Paint, Variable size