Jeju biennale

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Jeon jong cheol Alddreu Airfield

+ bio

Jeon jong cheol has been producing various and enormous artworks with glass, glass, mirrors, natural stones, iron and other materials without any boundaries of selecting materials since 1995. He is currently working on public arts and promoting the <Light of Dokdo> project with the goal of expressing willingness to protect Dokdo with artworks from 2013 to promote self-esteem and unity of the Korean people and express their desire to the world. He has held solo exhibitions at Kyungpook National University Museum in 2006 and Han Ki-sook Gallery in 2005. In 2016, he conducted village art projects in Naju, Jeonnam, Seogwipo and Jeju. He participated in group exhibitions at Lee Jung seob Art Museum in 2013 and Daegu Art Museum in 2008.

+ work

A rectangular wire mesh structure is installed at the entrance of the hangar and a garden is created inside. Between the wire mesh structures Jeju natural stones or historical traces are placed in to show a glimpse of history. Wire mesh is used as material to show the boundary between war and peace. The space provides a moment for contemplative thoughts on the site’ s history.

  • Jeon jong cheol, A boundary line of between, 2017, Mixed media, Variable size