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ChoiKo Team Alddreu Airfield

+ bio

ChoiKo Team consist of Choi, Chang Hoon and Ko, Yun Sik. They have been continuing exhibition planning and public art projects travelling between Germany and Korea. Choi, Chang Hoon had solo exhibitions at Kensington Jeju Gallery in 2017, Hong-Ik University Museum of contemporary art in 2016, Yeon Gallery and Chogye Art Museum in 2015, <Stone, Wind, Woman remiad2011> at Seogwipo Art Center in 2016, <Youth Artist Project> at J ONE Gallery Daegu in 2016. Ko, Yun Sik had solo exhibitions at the Yeon Gallery in 2017, oMo artspace in Berlin in 2016, <Baekrokdam> at Jeju Culture and Art Center in 2017. He participated in group exhibitions such as <About The truth behind fake> at Atelier badstr. 33a Berlin in 2016 and <Korea, China, Japan, Germany International Art Exchange Exhibition> at Seogwipo Art Center in 2016.

+ work

ChoiKo Team (Choi, Changhoon and Ko, Yunsik)'s work of <Noble Tears> is about the pain of forced labor embedded in Alddreu Airfield’ s history. The shape of a spade is similar to the shape of a teardrop, thus is regarded as sorrow of labor. Here, cement has been chosen as material for the
work, to express the closure and darkness of a labor spots.

  • ChoiKo Team, Noble Tears, 2017, Shovels, Cement, Urethane paint, Variable size