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LIM KYUNGSUP Alddreu Airfield

+ bio

Lim Kyungsup is a picture book writer and an art director who's in charge of exhibition space at modern and contemporary histroy museum at the same time. He had published a picture book which is about the incident of the Federation Protecting and Guiding the Public in 2017, an alternative cosumer economy in 2013 and comfort women in 2014. He used to work as an art director of the Genocide Historical Museum in 2014. He is a exhibition designer at Seoul History museum at the moment.

+ work

The abstract images shown through the scopes are those created by combining photos of the remains of civilian victims of the past and the peaceful sunrise and sunset scenes of Seodal Oreum. Lim Kyungsup uses DeepDream, a computer vision program as a creative tool. The utilization of Deep Learning technology enables images to be enlarged and to be creatively applied, rather than erasing the errors that arises through technology’ s artificial intelligence. The core of deep learning technology is actually an accumulation of errors. Thus, it contradicts the notion ‘to learn and grow on one’ s own by acquiring data accumulated by human beings’ . A.I’ s perspective <Durin i> reminds us of the mistakes humankind has made.

  • Lim Kyungsup, Durin i, 2017, mix media, variable size