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kang tae hwan Alddreu Airfield

+ bio

Kang Tae Hwan's artwork is inspired by Jeju's Gotjawal. He focuses on the harmony between artificial structures and space of crevices produced by the stone, trees and grasses of Gotjawal.
He had solo exhibitions at the Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art in 2017, Seogwipo Art Center in 2016, Kumin Jeju Gallery, Rainbow Cube Gallery, and Cho-Gye Art Museum in 2015, and was selected as the best Young Artist of Jeju Young Artist in 2011. In the same year, he had been awarded Jeju Special Self-governing Province Grand Prize in 2009 and 2010.

+ work

<Breathe> shows the harmony of the space made by nature and the artificial structure by installing the scaffolding inside the hangar. Moss planted between the structure transforms the space into one filled with life and light. The structure is a metaphor of the villagers who have re-made a habitat after the war and makes us realize that human is also part of nature.

  • kang tae hwan, Breathe, 2017, Stainless steel, Moss, Variable size