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kang moon seok Alddreu Airfield

+ bio

Since 2005, he has held four solo exhibitions at the Jeju Culture and Art Center. He has been continuously participating in <4 .3 Art Festival>, <Jeju Young Artist Exhibition> and <Jeju Art Festival>. In 2017, he participated in the Biotopia Gallery in 2017, <Biotopia Invitation Exhibition> in 2017, <International Art Fair>. He participated in group exhibitions in Sonoma County Museum in California in 2014 and Art in Gallery in 2012.

+ work

<Mayday>, in the form of the zerosen fighter, broken and stuck in the ground, questions our 'memory'. The zerosen fighter was a light weight fighter of the Japanese Navy Air Force, introduced in 1940, and the fighter used by the Japanese for coalition attacks during the Pacific War. In a neighboring hangar stands another real size Zerosen fighter(a co-work between Park Kyung Hoon and Kang Moonseok). <Mayday> contrasts with this work and reminds us of the ruins left by the war.

  • Kang Moonseok, Mayday, 2017, Iron, 530x470x220cm