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KIM HAEGON Alddreu Airfield

+ bio

Kim is a organizer and a public artist at the same time. Since the late 1990s, he has been working on environmental art using a large number of flags and fabrics. From 2009 to 2016, he led the 'Village Art Project' and commemorated the 2013 Korea Cup International Yachting Competition and the Han River Women's Yachting Competition. He had hosted 2012 Tamra Daejeon Space Production, 2006 Commemoration of the 61st Anniversary of Liberation of Korea Seoul City Government Building Monument Project 2 FESTIVAL61, 2002 World Cup Official Cultural Event and 2002 Flag Art Festival.

+ work

Since the late 1990s, Kim Haegon has been working on environmental art using large amounts of flags and fabrics. This large and round sculpture formed of golden cloth shaken by the wind is a work that symbolizes the birth of a single wheat seed. Through the work it heals the unfortunate war history embedded in Alddreu Airfield and through the birth of a new wheat seed send off a message
of the beginning of peace.

  • Kim Haegon, A Wheat seed, 2017, Bamboo, Fabric, Steel, 600x600x800cm