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Choi Pyung Gon Alddreu Airfield

+ bio

Starting from an installation work of giant bamboo-man at Gongju Ugeumchi to celebrate the 100th annivarsary of Donghak Peasant Revolution, Pyung Gon Choi has been working on a giant public installation work with bamboo. Bamboo is inspired by the bamboo grove used by the Donghak peasant army, but most of the human figures he embodies are modest, round and long cylindrical. He participated in exhibitions and public art projects such as <Pyeongchang Biennale: Earth Harmony> in 2013, <Project Daejeon 2012: Energie> in 2012, <Yangpyeong Environmental Art Festival in 2009> He has his works in Imjingak Peace Nuri, Gyeonggi Museum of Art, and Jeju Museum of Modern Art.

+ work

Bamboo is the main material Choi Pyung Gon uses in his work, the inspiration for the use of bamboo derived from the peasant army's spears. <Bluebird> is a giant sculpture 9m high. His human figure is a round, long cylindrical shape, in modest posture, and blends in with the wind and landscape of the Alddreu Airfield and sends off a message of peace.

  • Choi Pyung Gon, Bluebird, 2017, Bamboo, Steel, 300x300x900cm