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Bonju Gu Alddreu Airfield

+ bio

Bonju Gu passed away when he was 37 and had worked as an artists from late 1980s to 2003. He usually concerns about social class within capitalist society based on feature art and realism. He consistently had criticized the reality and had shown the worker, the farmer and office workers through his artwork. Based on field art, he started his career by participating in student art movement. In 2002, he held his third solo exhibition at the Hangaram Art Museum.

+ work

Gu Bonju lived until the age of 37. His work has its basis on formalism and realism, and deals with social class within capitalist society. He vividly displays the worker, the farmer and office workers, <The Gap-O Peasant Movement> shows the artist’ s criticism towards reality, where he describes resistance and revolution as strength arising from human body sculpture.

  • Gu Bonju, 'Gap-O' Peasants Movement2, 1994, Bronze Casting. 260x120x267cm