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Dioniso Gonzalez Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art

+ bio

Dionisio González’s work has been exhibited in the most recognized institutions and museums from all over the world, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art of Cleveland, the CAPC (Musée d’Art Contemporarin de Bordeaux), the MNCARS (Museo Nacional Centro de Art Reina Sofía) of Madrid, the Museum of Contemporary Photography of Chicago, the MAMBO (Museum of Modern Art of Bogota) and the Museum Folkwang of Essen. He has taken part in different Art Biennales and Festivals, like the Venice Biennale, The International Biennale of Contemporary Art of Seville, the Busan Biennale (South Korea), the Miami Biennale, the Biennale of Contemporary Art of Le Havre, Gwangju Biennale (South Korea).

+ work

Dionisio Gonzales takes on the role of both photographer and architect by digitally urbanizing sites that have been observed. He asks questions in his series of ‘Venice’, ‘Halong’, ‘Dauphin Island’ regarding whether or not people who lost their living space for various reasons and creates a new utopia. The places selected are those which have a have been constructed on water or have experienced natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions and tropical storms. Today, these locations have experienced redevelopment of holiday resorts and negative effects of tourism. Especially in the case of Venice, the city received 20 million tourists each year, and original residents of Venice have been leaving the city.

  • 1. Dionisio Gonzalez, Dauphin VII, Diasec print, 101x300cm
  • 2. Dionisio Gonzalez, Dauphin X, Diasec print, 184x300cm
  • 3. Dionisio Gonzalez, New Halong I, Diasec print, 150x300cm
  • 4. Dionisio Gonzalez, Venice Hospital. Le Corbusier, Lightbox, 300x5x60cm
  • 5. Dionisio Gonzalez, The Theather of the World, Lightbox, 260x5x100cm
  • 6. Dionisio Gonzalez, Memorial Masieri, Lightbox, 250x5x117cm