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Kim yousun Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art

+ bio

Since early 1990s, Kim Yousun has made a star, the universe, astrophysics, old sea and rainbow as artwork using shells since early 1990s. Since 2003, she has proceeded an art treatment programme as part of <Rainbow art project> under the theme of 'who am I' at an orphanage in Tashkent, Korean nursing home in Honolulu and national hospital in Oslo. In recent years she has studied self-analysis and psychology and faced with repressed inner side of herself and describes her fragmented inner side with broken shells. She had hosted solo exhibitions at Gallery Planet in 2017 and San Francisco in 2016.

+ work

Kim Yousun introspects about herself and self-being through her works. The materials she uses are shells, glass, crystal, and pearl. Here, she describes Jeju with pieces of glass and shells and throws a self-reflective question, Who am I?' to Jeju. Jeju, as a place to live and inhabit and the image of Jeju created as a tourist island, is a confusion of two different identities. These two different aspects show a mixture of confusion, pain, suppression, and suffering. She describes the beautiful identity of Jeju through her work. The object shows broken pieces of glass and shells but still glittering beautifully

  • Kim yousun, Tears, 2017, Glass. Crystal. Mixed media, Variable size
  • Kim yousun, Fragmented self, 2017, Mother of pearl. Mixed media, Variable size
  • Kim yousun, Fragmented self, 2017, Baroque pearl. Mixed media, Variable size