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Koh Seung Wook Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art

+ bio

Koh Seung Wook’s artworks take the form of a picture, video and performance while he focuses on public power and the distorted body due to consumer capitalism, labour, memory and leisure. He interprets main topics of the art after 1990s in Korean art. His works show the public, consumer capitalism, kitsch, daily life of the city in a personal way. He had hosted solo exhibitions at Kwanhoon Gallery in 2013 and Art Space C in 2015. He has participated in group exhibitions at Jeju Museum of Art in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and National Museum of Contemporary Art in 2016.

+ work

After liberation, the Korean Society was left to cope and experience a divided nation and the after effects of war, and with this background the society recreated a new ‘name’ of a nation which differentiates itself from Neo-colonialism and the Cold War. This work is not about a monumental landscape that is created by the country, but it is about those that are scattered around the ‘name’, it is the gap and another landscape that does not have a name. I question the self-evident truth the Korean society and I have, and through the time taken to reply to this question, I try to make a demonstrative self-portrait on oblivion, self-awareness and the darkness of the cast shadow made by the brightness of the ‘name’.

  • Koh Seung Wook, △scape-Soowallbong 2, 2016, Pigment print, 70×105cm
  • Koh Seung Wook, △scape-Nogunri, 2016, Pigment print, 70×130cm
  • Koh Seung Wook, △scape-Hadori, 2017, Pigment print, 90×150cm
  • Koh Seung Wook, △scape, 2017, Single-channel video