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Listen to the City Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art

+ bio

Listen to the City is a collective of the art, design, city and architecture. They have visualized unwritten history of cities since 2009. They had started to conduct various research and projects after Four Major Rivers Project had been started by the government. They have published an independent magazine <Urban Drawings>, and through this, have done various activities like Seoul tour and Naeseong river friends. They also have been running an independent space 'Space Morae'. Recently they have started to do the Okbaraji protect campaign. Listen to the City have much interest in relationships on the power and ownership of space and what creativity in arts can do to make these places into common grounds open to everyone and owned by everyone. Producing languages and creating places have been a process of their work.

+ work

(from Artist’s Statement)
Edward Relph’s <Place and Placelesness> tells a story of a woman who is shocked after losing her homeland. In modern times, a sense of placenessness has become a normal and ordinary feeling. Okbaraji alley is a place that survived through the Japanese colonial era and the time of developmental dictatorship, but now the alley had been removed to build 4 apartment buildings. There had been a dam built at the place of Naeseong River, which had been flowing for thousands of years. This was a result of the Four Major Rivers Project. Furthermore, at Gangjeong village military facilities made of concrete were constructed. Why couldn’t we protect this place? We met people who still live there, those who didn’t leave the village even after seeing all the destruction. They were not born here and they did not own this land but they didn’t leave. Why didn’t they leave? The work is ethnography on lost spaces made into a documentary video, and it tells the story of the people and these places, that were recorded from 2009.

  • Listen to the City, Losing a sense of Place, 2017, 3Channel Video