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seems like community Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art

+ bio

Seems Like Community’s work focuses on the individual and the qualities of the individual as the driving force for the development and growth of industrialization. They avoid focusing on the community’s total aim which is caused by Korea’s compressed growth and industrialization. At ‘Anyang Public Art Project’, they respect the meaningful values that arise from the creative individual lives rather than art itself. Seems Like Community is a project, a sharing of these values. In addition they participated in Inke Market Project, which is a residency that focuses on livelihood and culture, projects with severely handicapped people, and ‘café in asia’ which researches on community by contemporary Asia artists, as well as artist residency in Siheung ‘A3 residency, an alternative question for everyone’. Currently they work as a general mentor at Dasari Youth Cultural Center.

+ work

(From Artist’s Statement)
Seems Like Community will travel around Jeju with 10 sherpas. The sherpas are working as immigrant workers and they have chosen Jeju as the most want to travel destination of Korea. For sherpas it will be a totally different experience from their Himalayan life and experience of their homeland. They will experience Jeju within a limited time and it will be a different feeling as they are travelling after work. The continuous walk at the Himalayas will be something that will show contrast with Jeju in their thoughts. They will experience a tight time schedule, and within the set up time and same speed they will view the landscape of Jeju, and in the speed of the urban city dweller will climb Mt. Halla. Tourism plays with the concept of tourism by making it look more attractive for the people who have within themselves a dream of a nomadic life. After touring, interviews will be taken to ask the sherpas on the tour they took. The interview questions will focus on the sherpas’ body, and how it is different from the Himalayas where they have lived, and how the body has adopted to labour here, and how it has changed during the walk as a tourist.

  • Seems like community, Tour of sherpas, 2017, single-channel video