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Yeondoo Jung Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art

+ bio

Yeondoo Jung uses picture and video to make a contrast between the reality and imagination and ideal and reality. His major works are <Borame Dance Hall> in 2001, <My love Geni> in 2001, <Wonderland> in 2004 and <Documentary Nostalgia> in 2007. He had nominated this year's artist from National Museum of Contemporary Art in 2007 and hosted solo exhibitions at Seoul Plateau Gallery, Daegu Art Museum, Art Tower Mito and MAC/VAL in 2015. His major group exhibitions were Shanghai biennale in 2002, Venice biennale in 2005, Platform Seoul in 2009, Performa in 2009, SeMA biennale mediacity Seoul in 2012, and Quebec Manif de art in 2017.

+ work

Rwanda, a country in central Africa and scene of a genocide in 1994, is still a place of unremoved pain. Rwanda, also known as the country of a thousand hills, is the place where lightning is observed the most in the world. The artist participated in a project called 'Road Show' and took pictures of the streets while riding a motorcycle taxi in the Rwandan city, Kigali. The act of taking photos with a strobe on the streets––a very touristic activity––and the sound of thunder, remind us of the shots of the past that once echoed in the city.

  • Yeondoo Jung, Kigali, into the Night, 2016, Single-channel FHD video with sound, 19 minutes