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Marina Abromović / Ulay Jeju Museum of Art

+ bio

Marina Abramovic, born in 1946 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, is without question one of the seminal artists of our time. Since the beginning of her career in Yugoslavia during the early 1970s where she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Abramovic has pioneered the use of performance as a visual art form. The body has always been both her subject and medium. Exploring the physical and mental limits of her being, she has withstood pain, exhaustion, and danger in the quest for emotional and spiritual transformation. Abramovic’s concern is with creating works that ritualize the simple actions of everyday life like lying, sitting, dreaming, and thinking; in effect the manifestation of a unique mental state.

+ work

The film documentation of the 90 day performance along the The Great Wall of China from March to June 1988 begins with a film within a film; a story within a story. A film is about two foreigners, two lovers walking towards each other from opposite ends of the “dragon’, image of the Chinese Wall, to meet, to find each other in the middle. Both of them now relate their thoughts, fears, and experiences as they took their first steps and describe their surroundings and the people they encountered on the way. They meet after 90 days in Er Lang Shan in the Province Shaanxi near Shen Mu, where they take each other by the hand to say good-bye.

  • Marina Abramovic/Ulay, The Lovers: The Great Wall Walk, 1988, Single channel video, Courtesy: The Archives of Marina Abramovic