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Jane Jin Kaisen Jeju Museum of Art

+ bio

Jane Jin Kaisen is a Korean-Danish visual artist and filmmaker born in Jeju Island, South Korea in 1980. She grew up in Denmark and is currently living in Jeju Island. Kaisen employs various mediums including experimental documentary, multi-channel video installation, performative video art, photography, and text. Her practice unfolds at the junctions of multiple social, cultural and political realities. She addresses themes of memory, migration, translation, and displacement at the intersection of personal and collective histories and understandings. While each work is driven by its own aesthetic and discursive inquiries, together they form a multi-faceted survey of transnational histories.

+ work

There is a mountain that goes by many names. In Korea it is known as Baekdusan. Being a sacred mountain, the tales that surround it are plentiful and cultural representations speak to its imaginary proportions. In Tale of One or Many Mountains, moving images, travel accounts, songs, cosmological narratives, scientific data, and artifacts testify to some of the numerous stories and projections that surround the mountain. Following the Tumen and Yalu rivers that emerge from it and constitute a liquid border between North Korea and China, Tale of One or Many Mountains is also contemplation on borders and the tourist industry and commerce that surround them. At the same time, the mountain itself testifies to deep time. It precedes the naming of things and the erection of nation state boundaries and territorial disputes. Both encompassing and uncompromising, it lies for the moment dormant, yet it is ever transforming.

  • Jane Jin Kaisen, Tale of One or Many Mountains, 2017, 2 channel video projection, archive and sound installation, variable size