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Chang Lee Suok Jeju Museum of Art

+ bio

Chang Leesuok has painted works that show Jeju’s scenery. After leaving his homeland, the artist has painted many aspects particular to Jeju such as Jeju’s mountains and sea, female divers called haenyeo and their families. His works show his affection towards his homeland.

+ work

  • Chang Lee Suok, Solitude, 1956, Oil on Canvas, 33.4x24.2cm
  • Chang Lee Suok, In a Ohyun Middle School neighborhood, 1956, Guache on Paper, 26.7x36.4cm
  • Chang Lee Suok, Landscape with Jeep, 1962, Oil on Canvas, 40.4x31.2cm
  • Chang Lee Suok, Yard in the Afternoon, 1968, Oil on Canvas, 97x145.5cm
  • Chang Lee Suok, The Spring in the Southern Country, 1972, Oil on Canvas, 113x113cm
  • Chang Lee Suok, Bitter Cold, 1975, Oil on Canvas, 31.5x40.6cm
  • Chang Lee Suok, Early Autumn in Gyerim, 1977, Oil on Canvas, 46x36cm
  • Chang Lee Suok, Old Stories on Jeju Island, 1984, Oil on Canvas, 80.3x65cm
  • Chang Lee Suok, The Valley of Haein Temple, 1973, Oil on Canvas, 97x130.3cm
  • Chang Lee Suol, Before the Storm, 1975, Oil on Canvas, 65x100cm
  • Chang Lee Suok, Byeokgye, 1970, Oil on Canvas, 97x130.3cm
  • Chang Lee Suok, Busan Taejong Cliff, 1962, Oil on Canvas, 64.5x91cm
  • Chang Lee Suok, Early Summer, 1969, Oil on Canvas, 50x60.4cm