Jeju biennale

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Landscape Project Jeju Museum of Art

+ bio

co-curator: Kum-ok Park (Art Barn)
Park has been managing artist residency space, Art Barn at Deokcheon-ri. She has been continuously organised public art and community art projects here in Jeju.


1. Sculture (13)
Ko Bongsoo, Na Gyuhwan, Lee Sangyun, Choi Jinho, Team:BDND(Jang Dooyoung, Lee Hyeongdong, Kim Dong-yeong, Son Uidong), Yoon Hyery, Nam Ara, Oh Chang-Rim, Ha Jungsu, Kim Jihwan, Sim Eun-Young, Lee Bitna, Kim Beomjun

2. Calli-sculpture (6)
Park Gyugeun, Lee Boggi, Kim Hyoeun, Baeg Gyeong-ae, Kim Sanghyun, Yoo Youngmin

3. Calligraphy (14)
Shin Chang-gyu, Jeon Yunhui, Go sang-yul, Kim seonghun, Kim Yechun, Hwang Sunghong, Yang Seonghun, Yang Huisun, Gang Changhwa, Kim Insoon, Park Myeonghui, Lee Eunsil, Bu Yunja, Park Minja

+ work

Here, on the museum outdoor grounds, there are many sculptural works made of wood. These works have been made by thirty artists from all over Korea who have participated in a workshop based art project called Landscape Project. The workshop has been carried out for fifteen days in Jeju. The material that has been used here for artwork are pine trees which suffered pine wilt disease. These diseases trees have been recycled for use after specially being treated with fire. Artists who have participated in this workshop have used their creativity and have produced new works, giving a new life and meaning to these trees.

co-curator : Park Geum Ok

Cooperation: Brick Campus, Future Ecosystem engineering Institute, jeju jungnang