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Jaejudojoa + RE:(Rescue Earth)+ROOEEZ+UM A LONG Jeju Museum of Art

+ bio

Jaejudojoa consist of artists graduated from diving school and they want to make clean and healthy ocean through culture and art. Moreover they tries to help people to consider Jeju ocean as something to cherish and preserve instead of considering the ocean as something to consume.

RE:(Rescue Eearth) hopes to make a company that has interest in all discarded rubbish and eat them all just like a black hole

ROOEEZ is a handmade musical instrument production team with two artists they have made melody percussion. Based on their experience while living in Jeju they have done lots of upcycle activities and have tried to find beautiful sound from somthing useless.

UM A LONG have great interest in discarded items. Through continuous monitoring and taking something to pieces, she has made new shapes or forms. She wants to call audience's attention through her works.

+ work

Currently Jeju is facing with serious problems of rubbish. The amount of rubbish is enormous that it is difficult to find solutions. This artist team has collected rubbish from construction sites. Using discarded palettes have made nine carts that carry the name of islands of Jeju. Also, using discarded rubbish has made a plastic whale and an octopus musical instrument. Through these works the team tries to solve Jeju’s problems of rubbish. In the surroundings there are games that visitors can participate, also made of rubbish found in Jeju. Up-cycle playground hopes to offer visitors a chance to rethink about environmental problems that arise in our everyday lives, through these playful activities.

  • Upcycle Playground