Jeju biennale

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HIER Jeju Museum of Art

+ bio

HIER is a curatorial workshop program of a group of high school students of Jeju. HIER shows the results of the students’ works. HIER has created a character called Bandi who will lead the road of the biennale. The design has been inspired from a firefly and carries the meaning of lightening the dark road. It is a friendly guide that will help people to understand the theme of tourism. It will act as an agent of HIER.

+ work

Bandi is a high school charactor and came up with firefly. Simply Bandi can be seen as a guide who light the way. Moreover Bandi can be regarded as a leader who helps people to understand easliy the theme of Jejubiennale <Tourism> which can be unfamiliar. Bandi seems to be HIER who kindly helps people to understand difficult and unclear issues while enjoying Jeju Biennale.