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Jeju Olle Trail Jeju Museum of Art

+ bio

Jeju Olle Trail was conceived by Myung-sook Suh, Founder&President of the Jeju Olle Foundation in September 2007. Dreaming of creating a “trail for walking slowly for travel” in her hometown Jeju after traveling Camino de Santiago in Spain, she was able to create Jeju Olle Trail with the help of many volunteers who shared her dream. With the Jeju Olle Foundation -- a non-profit organization that she founded -- as the center, many volunteers are devoted to managing Jeju Olle Trail and keeping it well.

+ work

Jeju Olle is the most representative trail in Korea (total distance 425km with 26routes) “Olle” [Ole] is the jeju word for a narrow pathway that is connected from the street to the front gate of a house. Hence, “Olle” is a path that comes out from a secret room to an open space and a gateway to the world. Jeju Olle Trail is becoming a trekking route that connects Jeju to the world and the world to Jeju. The birth of Jeju Olle Trail not only allowed Jeju to be reborn as a new tourist attraction leading the walking travel culture but also created a walking travel trend on a national scale.
If traveling famous tourist attractions by car is called the travel of dot, Jeju Olle Trail can be dubbed the travel of line that connects those dots. Through this travel of line, you can naturally communicate with Jeju’s beautiful nature, culture, and people, which you cannot do when you travel around like marking dots. Jeju Olle Trail offers genuine rest and happiness as well as the experience of healing to tourists through the aesthetics of slowness.

  • 1) 제주올레 길 위를 걷는 사람들’ 실사 영상 Video- Hikers on Jeju Olle Trail
  • 영상 길이 3분 30초 Duration 3:30"
  • 영상 촬영 및 제작 : 창작집단 ‘날’ Created by "Nal"
  • 영상 편집 : 김주연 Image edited by Kim, Joo Yeon
  • 영상 제공 : 제주올레 Image provided by Jeju Olle Trail
  • 2)
  • 제작편집 마리(싱가포르)
  • Created by Marie from Singapore
  • Full name : NEO HUI XIN MARILYN
  • 영상 - 00:55“ 2.5D 포토 몽타쥬
  • Video 01 -2.5D Photo Montage 00:55“
  • 영상2-애니메이션시리즈 (곶자왈,오름과한라산,해변,마을) 00:30"
  • Video 02- Animation Series (Forest/Oreum & Mt. Halla /Seaside/Village) Combined 00:30"
  • 제주올레 길안내 표식들 Jeju Olle Trail Signs
  • 1) 간세: 조랑말을 형상화한 제주올레의 로고이기도 하며 간세의 머리가 향하는 방향이 길의 진행방향
  • 게으름뱅이라는 제주어 ‘간세다리’에서 유래했다. 60cm*60cm 플라스틱계열
  • Ganse: It is the name of symbol of Jeju Olle Trail that shaped after Jeju pony. The word comes from Ganse-dari(Jeju dialect) meaning slow idler in Jeju. Ganse's head points toward the direction of the route.
  • 2) 리본: 파랑색과 주황색 리본 두 가닥이 나뭇가지에 매달려 있다
  • Ribbon:Blue and orange ribbons are tied to a tree.
  • 3)화살표 : 나무기둥에 부착된 파란색과 주황색의 화살표는 갈림길에서 길안내
  • Arrows: Blue and orange arrows on a wooden pole guide the direction at forked roads.
  • 4) 위험 및 안내표지판: 특별히 주의를 해야 하는 구간 등에 설치
  • Hazard & notice signpost: These signposts are placed at dangerous areas or temporary detours