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Modern Tourism Archive Jeju Museum of Art

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Modern Design Museum

Modern Design Museum is the first design specialty museum in Korea and owns more than 20,000 domestic design data and it has opened in March 2008.Arm Jong Park, Director of Modern Design Museum, exhibitis more than 1,600 items related to the Korean Design data which were collected since the Korean enlightment movement for more than two decades. Modern Design Museum offers various and numerous Korean design data and audience can recognize history of Korean design at a glance.

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Modern Tourism Archive

When did tourism start in Korea? The history of tourism can be seen from the Three Kingdoms, the Joseon Dynasty and the Japanese colonial area. In 1899, there was the Gyeongin railway, in 1905 the Gyeongbu railway, and in 1906 the Gyeongeui railway opened. With the opening of railways tourism started. Especially since the March 1st Independence Movement, tourism flourished as the Japanese advocated cultural policies. If we look through tourism guidebooks there are materials such as maps and descriptions of main touristic sites such as Gyeongsung, Busan, Gyeongju, Pyeongyang, Kaesong, Geumgang Mountain. Tourist souvenirs depict traditional Korean forms and characteristics. This section consists of archives from the Modern Design Museum and we hope this provides a journey to the past.