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Moon Junyong Jeju Museum of Art

+ bio

Moon used to work at Montion graphics and has been a teacher, programmer and digital artist for now. He realises imotion hidden behind the technology through interactive artwork which is a mixture of augmented reality and techology. His work has been exhibited at MOMA in New York, FILE, Onedotzero, Micowave, Gwangju Design Biennale and Mediacity Seoul.

+ work

Moon ask audience to enjoy his artwork in two different point of views; technology and the art. Kinect is a motion sensor that react based on the specific physical features of the person and Moon has added this technology into his artwork. He has been interested in seeking possibility of the art using technology and he has been wondering that is it possible to realise detailed and complete interface which is a crucial part of interactive art. Furthermore he wants to know that is it valuable to extend its area in technological aspect. Apart from development in technological point of view, Moon seeks artistic value and experiment rather than functionality. Moon value only on speciality that can be applied to his own work. This is the reason that he develops technology. To enjoy his work, audience need to spread out their arms just like they are flying. According to movement of audience, they can fly within the screen. Moon wants audience to feel delight of moving each of their body. Through this experience audience can recall somthing inside of their body such as experience from the past, memory of their youner years and imaginations. Moon is curious about what the audience who are grown-up for now may feel through his artwork.

  • Moon Junyong, Flying, 2017, projector, Kinect sensor, computer, custom software, variable size