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Kang Young MIn Jeju Museum of Art

Born 1972, Seoul; lives and works in Seoul, South Korea

+ bio

Kang, Youngmean approachs people in a friendly way with his comic character, trying to make them change their thought on ‘what art is.’ His simple characters is actually a satire on society. For him, art is a thing for consumption. He plays different roles in many fields as a curator, an art director, a mural painter, a music video producer, as well as an artist. Also he contributed to a underground comic web-magazine Comix where he put his comic strips and runs an on-line art shop in his homepage for selling his small paintings and goods which applies his character. This character also appeared in a local assembly man’s stump tour.

+ work

Kang Youngmean
The artist has walked a total of 430km of Jeju Olle trail and documented the beautiful nature as a film taken using smartphone. ‘Moving Still’ consists of small clips that have been taken for ten seconds during his walk. His work resembles the diving action of the Haenyeo, the female divers of Jeju. Through this type of theory the artist shows signs of being one with nature, death and emotion. In front of the monitor there is a massage chair, and the visitor sits comfortably in this chair and observes the artist’s travel. The work is satire on exhibition visiting manners by the tourists and visitors.

  • Kang Youngmin, Arnchair Traveler, 2017, Single Channel Video 15min, 50" Monitor, 3 Massage Chairs