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Buhm Hong Jeju Museum of Art

Born 1970, Seoul; lives and works in Seoul, New York

+ bio

Buhm Hong was born in Seoul, Korea in 1970. He received a MFA for photography, video and related media at SVA. He had exhibitions to show installation work in many galleries including San diego art institute, Westport Art Center in Westport, Jamaica Center for arts & learning in New York, American university museum in Washington. and Kum ho art museum, SIMA, Amado space in Seoul. He also participated in Haein Art project, in Haein Temple in Korea. His solo exhibitions was opened in Aando fine arts in Berlin, Sarubia Dabang project in Seoul, Paradise Zip, Seoul and in recent days, his solo show works have been exhibited in Doosan gallery, Seoul.

+ work

The museum lobby is filled with transparent plants. The artist’s work is about memory and feelings that remain in a space for a long time. Memory is something that suddenly crops up from places where people have resided for a long time. These traces of memory spread and grow in all directions. The plants that have been installed here are made using hologram films. At different angles the plants show different colors thus meaning that even one single memory has many different sides.

Collection : Seoul Innovation Park

  • Hong Buhm, Memory Weeds, 2016, Acrylic, rainbow sheets, Variable