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Boo ji-hyun Jeju Museum of Art

Born 1979, Jeju; lives and works in Seoul, Jeju, South Korea

+ bio

Boo revives life circulation of nature, environment and space through installation work using discarded fishing lamps. Apart from those objects she has used discarded fishing lamps abandoned ship, salt, lighting and sound to do sitespecific artwork. She had participated in various exhibitions; East Bridge – Plastic Garden in 2016, Kuandu Art Festival in 2012 including 14 times of solo exhibition. For this exhibiotion, she will display an artwork which implies hidden meaning of tourism.

+ work

At the end of the stairway leading up to the second floor there is an installation work by artist Boo Jihyun. This is an importance space which acts as a corridor and links two spaces. However, for people using the space this area is just void. The fishing lamps that hang from the ceiling move slowly. Because of this special work the corridor is no longer just an empty space. The space carries a new meaning like the places that we discover when we are on a journey.

  • Boo ji-hyun, <Balance & Instability, 2017, led, abandoned fish-luring light, motors, salt, mirror, 320x720x360cm